Miami Nude Glamour Photography
Miami Nude Glamour Photography  10 RULES FOR LOOK BETTER NAKED


Most women excel at seeing even the most minute problems with their own bodies. And that perception can make it really difficult to share yourselves with the boudoir photographer to get the most. Whether you’re annoyed by wrinkles or other skin imperfections, shy about your breast you think is too baggy or if you haven’t been able to lose those 10 pounds for the photo shoot, don’t despair. There are a few tricks to looking better naked without having to do a digital plastic surgery. At Miami Photo Studio Kendall Portraits we have some 10 rules that will help to look sizzling in your pictures when naked.

1) Lights, Camera, Show it!

Photo Studio Lights are your best friend when you are with a skilled photographer. Reveal with spot lighting your better assets, and hide in shadows wherever you think that is not looking right. But there are more alternatives with lights to getting frisky in the dark: Using amber light casts skin in warm, rosy glow. A peach background will enhance the effect and pink silky sheets can give you the appearance of a warmer skin tone, even without a tan. We will incorporate mood lighting, such as candles, uplighting or floor lamps to help to create highlights that will shape your silhouette.

2) Exfoliate your skin
During wintertime, the skin tends to be dry and flaky, so it’s important to scrub off dead skin cells in order to look radiant in the photo shoot. After exfoliation, moisturize your skin with baby oil but avoid it if less than two days for the shoot. Semi Mate skins look very glamourous and an excess of moisturizer could convert your skin in a reflection panel.

3) Get a Spray Tan
Spray tanning is a great way to look thinner and it helps to hide stripes, spider veins or stretch marks. You can make your legs looks slim and longer using a darker bronzer on the outside and inside of the leg a lighter shade on the front and back. Airbrush makeup will make a flawless skin and chiseled face, sweep bronzer across the apples of your cheeks.

4) Grooming… Down There
No time for a waxing appointment? If your style is to go “au naturel”, just a quick trim with a bikini trimmer (it’s safer than scissors) and then apply depilatory creams into a playful shape. Avoid razors if you are prone to ingrowns and don’t do your grooming with less than two days before the photo shoot

5) Glamourous Headshots
Come-hither eyes, surrounded by flushed cheeks, shiny wave hair, and a ripe, sensual mouth are the perfect combo for glamourous headshots. To minimize under-eye bags and fine wrinkles Hollywood- Celebrity make-up artists swear by Preparation H -only the Canadian Formula- to camouflage any bruises or flaws. You can make your eyes extra bright with some anti-redness eye drops. If you need to speed up the healing of mild bruises, use an arnica cream. Body blemishes could be camouflage by applying a cream concealer and set its with translucent powder.

6) Catching the Wave
Wavy hair is the proper style for a natural naked photography even when you’re not hiring hair stylist for your package. To create volume and movement for the shooting time,wash your hair the day before Styling is easier to do on day-old hair. Skip the product and extra hairspray too. At wake up time make a French twist by gathering the hair in a low pony tail, then twirl the tail up, secure with pins, and mist with light spray until you are ready for the shoot. Then shake it out to create the right amount volume. Applying fan to the hair during the photo shoot will help to show it with disheveled elegance.

7) Get Perky
To tighten your jiggly areas before the shooting day, a mini circuit of a few squats, a couple of sumo lunges, and a few pushups five minutes before you get a shower will make you look more toned by pumping blood into your muscles. You’ll feel firmer, more confident, and also taller. To beat the bloat of those special days, one day before the photo shoot put some detoxifying salts into a bath and soak for 30 minutes. You will shed 3 inches of water weight and you will look thinner.

8 ) Cool details
For an extra sexy look, you can rub some ice on your nipples so that they show just enough before your photo session We will also want to make sure the temperature in the photo studio isn’t too hot or cold before the shoot. Too warm will have you sweating, whereas icy temps will leave you shivering Don’t underestimate the power of a simple manicure/pedicure. With your hands and feet shape, you self confidence boost, and it shows on the pictures. Get a professional french manicure and pedicure, or don’t be afraid to try out a little color.

9) Accessorize yourself
Just because you are naked doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize.You can draw attention to your sultry curves by wearing a slinky lariat chain softly looped so it tumbles down your spine, or a double loop pearl necklace surrounding your breast will add some nice highlights to the portrait. High heels are sexy and mandatory having the advantage of making your legs look especially lean, and give your butt an extra lift.

10) Get Confident
Confidence is the ultimate sexiness. The days before the photo session practive good posture and sexy expressions. Have a positive attitude: if you feel sexy and fabulous, you will look it at the photographs. Most ladies think that is a good idea downing a couple of glasses of wine for that extra “liquid” courage before stripping down to the nude photo session. Actually is not. We swear that you will not need it and otherwise you will risk looking bloated and with a lost drunk expression. But keep a good sugar level in your blood for high energy during the shoot.