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“…I wanted to surprise my fiancé with a special gift before our wedding and decided that boudoir photos would be the perfect thing. After some research and reading thousands reviews, I contacted Kendall Portraits and I’m so glad that I did! I am definitely not a shy person but I have never had pictures of this kind taken before and I was beyond nervous. I had no idea what to expect. In retrospect, I’m really proud and surprised at myself for being so brave.

First contact:
Before the shoot, Alex asked me what the photos were to be used for and he listened carefully to my needs. Shortly after booking the shoot, he sent me a welcome email with step by step details about how to prepare for a Photo Session, frequent answered questions, what clothes to bring, what colors, props. Without noticing, he gave me “optional homework” to do which was to pick photo inspirations I wanted to recreate and think about the sexiness level that was right for me. Then I went lingerie shopping! IT WAS SO FUN! I enjoyed this part almost as much as I did on the actual shoot! I spent time picking out my favorite itsy bitsy outfits, poses, and backdrop ideas. I loved that there were so much room for my creative input throughout the entire process. He always made sure that I had the freedom to choose exactly how I wanted the photos to turn out. There is surely something amazing about being able to be part of the production of art! Yes, I said it! Alex’s work is amazing art

The session day:
The studio is gorgeous inviting, which is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re semi clothed! I’m glad that Alex puts in this the type of effort to create fabulous photos even if you do end up paying for it the next day. I didn’t realize how much work went into look sexy and I really felt the pain of all the muscles.
He has a variety of props and background for you to use as well, and that is very important when selecting a photographer. It makes the final picture so much more special when you can make them unique and personalize them with the many background options.

To start, the makeup artist, Sandra, was excellent. I learned some makeup tips and she was essential to the quality of the photos! She helped me all the way through the shoot. After we chatted for a few minutes she really help loosened me up, she assisted me with the wardrobe changes, fixed my hair and gave ideas. Sandra and Alex were awesome and made me feel absolutely relaxed, the longer I was there the more I was able to let go of all of my inhibitions and just enjoy myself. At the shooting, most importantly I had so much FUN! I felt sexy and beautiful and glamorous; it was a huge confidence attempt. I was completely tranquil with them from the very beginning and never once felt bizarre. He definitely coached me into posing more naturally, expressions to look best in front of the camera and getting in the zone. Alex’s enthusiasm was contagious and he really inspired me to bring out my inner personality and playfulness to capture with his camera.

The result:
I was very pleased with the quality and originality of the photos. And the best part, I could see all pictures right after they were taken (and left the studio with a lovely proof CD with all images on it, to choose from for the final photo book) Alex and Sandra are terrific, a perfect team, very professional, easy to talk to, and have many creative ideas. Alex plays with the body silhouette choosing the perfect light and taking special attention to the details. The images are soft provocative and sensual…without forgetting the main factor: what the client wants and the attitude that brings.

The end product exceeded all my expectations to say the very least. The photos came out amazing!!! I didn’t know I could look so good and so sexy. No skin touch-up or retouching was needed on the images selected for my photo book and it made me really happy. I was getting the photo book created for me as part of the package within the next week. The book was fabulous and it came right on time! Imagining the look on my fiancé’s face when he open a beautifully designed box and find that its contents are even more precious than ever imaginable: priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex is truly amazing and I will highly recommend him to anyone! I suggest everyone do this for themselves at least once, but if I have it my way I will definitely be returning at some point! I would definitely hire them again for other occasions.He does wedding, maternity and quinceañeras photography also, so if you’re still looking for your photographer definitely check him out! Packages price are affordable. So if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask!

Thank you again, you are amazing!!..”

Mai – Miami, 2011


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